Sure, we all think about it. How nice it would be, how exciting it’ll be. But now the question is – when? When is a good time to sell your home?

Good news

If you’re trying to decide, just know that it’s a great market for sellers right now! Now that doesn’t mean do it now. There are a lot of things to consider first.

Let’s get personal

You have to take your own personal situation into account. Take a good, hard look at your finances. If you’ve paid off all of your non-home debt, you’re sitting good. Ask yourself, “Can I actually afford the move?” It is indeed exciting, but it comes down to dollars and cents. Do you want professional movers, and things like that.

Get a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) from your agent


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- All right, here we are, episode number two, two, twenty two. Here with Mark Waterman from Great Western Bank. I think this is the second time.

- Yes, sir, yep.

- Second one here.

- You bet.

- And we'll leave it on a great note here. This will be the last one for 2017. But due to popular demand, we'll continue it into 2018 here. So, we'll keep you informed on that. But, this morning it's 8:15, means that's our Monday morning mortgage tip, like I said, with Mark Waterman here from Great Western Bank. And we'll let him give today's Monday tip away. And then a few information tips, sort of details, after he speaks here. So, take it away, Mark.

- Thank you very much, Shane. Appreciate it. It's good to be back. My Monday morning mortgage…

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Whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, or dreading how to keep your family and visitors busy, “chill out!” Here are some holiday fun events going on in the area this month.

Big guy coming to town

You read it right! Santa will be at McCrory Gardens Sunday 17th. Have you been good this year> Perhaps a little naughty? Find out at the McCrory Gardens Visitor Center! While you’re there, tour the beautiful Garden Glow on display in the Terrace Garden!

Midtown Men

A true holiday favorite is coming to the Swiftel Center right here in Brookings on December 14th at 7:30pm. They’ll be singing their “Holiday Hits – All Alone on Christmas”, and plenty of other yuletide classics like “Winter Wonderland,” “Let It Snow” and “Have Yourself a Merry…

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It seems homes in Brookings & the surrounding area are being bought the second they’re listed. And you think yours will be the same, right? Maybe, Maybe not!  Here are some steps to help with that process.

Gather your closing papers.

Hopefully you or your closing agent will keep all of your documents in one place. You may or may not need them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Notify people you’re moving

With everything going on, even the simple things can slip your mind. Especially the change of address form! It’s available at the nearest Post Office, or even online for convenience!

Cancel your insurance

You better wait until the title has transferred or the deed has been recorded; otherwise, you may be financially responsible…

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Prequalification vs Pre Approval


Alright, here we go, welcome everybody. Shane here from Century 21. Justin from Fairway Mortgage and it is Monday morning, 8:15 on the dot, means it's ready for our Monday morning mortgage tip. So I'll let Justin take it away. We've only got a couple of these left. I'm gonna take a couple weeks off here as we get closer to Christmas and then we'll start it back up the first of the year. But we got yourself to do this week and then one more next week, and then we'll be ready for the Christmas season. Hopefully you are too, and get ready again for 2018. So Justin, what is the tip today. 

Alright, well first you know, apologies. I'm getting over a lil head cold. 


I think you mentioned you were…

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Christmas Tips for Hosting in Your New Home

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Or are you too stressed about having your first Christmas in your new Brookings home? Well, here are some helpful holiday hints…

Expecting guests? Expect the unexpected!

It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time; an even better idea to plan for planning ahead of time. You want your guests to feel welcome in your new home; not like intruders. So, make some time about the week before their arrival to have everything ready: spare bedrooms, closet space, extra towels in the bathrooms, etc. And, don’t feel bad if there are just too many guests that you recommend them staying at a hotel. Check out Brookings’ options here:…

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Mortgage Check Ups


Hey, it's morning again and it is actually Monday morning.  Shane here from Century 21 and I'm here with Barb at BankStar right here in Brookings and it is the Monday morning mortgage tip. Barb's got some great information to get you started for the new year but before we start with that, just remember if you have any questions for Barb or myself, please email us, instant message us, whatever it takes to get that question over to ya and we would be happy to answer it right here on the next episode. We'll have all Barb's information. Again, on the top, on the bottom, on the sides, wherever your device allows you to see that, feel free to reach out to her and ask any questions. So, with that being said, Barb, take it away.…

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Whether your New Year's Resolutions focus on achieving better health, reaching career milestones, or strengthening relationships, they would undoubtedly be easier to accomplish if only you had more time. In a digital world of constant distractions and information overload, most people feel that the days slip away and they are left wondering why they were unable to accomplish more. Embark on the new year with a commitment to optimizing your time in order to fulfill your goals and create a better sense of balance in your life. Here are a few tips:


       1.  Plan your day the night before, making note of the most important tasks and estimating how long each item will take. Schedule time for inevitable interruptions. By creating a roadmap…

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Home Improvements to Increase Value


Hey, good morning everybody, it's Monday morning, it's a short week, Thanksgiving. Caught Andrew here on his first day of the three days I think you got this week here. But at least it's not on an actual holiday for you this time so it's a holiday week. Shane from Century 21 and Andrew from Dacotah Bank. We're here for our Monday morning mortgage tip, 8:15, That means we're going to give you a fabulous mortgage tip that you can take with you if you are looking to buy or sell in the future here. With that being said Andrew, take her away.

- Thanks Shane for having me. With it being Thanksgiving week, first off Happy Thanksgiving everybody out there. Start of the holiday season, I kind of thought today…

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Your On-Line Resource for All of the Best Brooking Real Estate

In today’s real estate market, homes are sold almost as soon as they’re put on the market. Do you ever feel like you keep missing great opportunities? Well, here’s some tips and hints to stay up to date on the listings you’re interested in!

First of all, check out my website:

You’ll notice you can look in Brookings, Aurora, Arlington, Volga, Estelline and more surrounding areas. You can read more about the listings in each city: Total listings available, listing price brackets, images, developing lots and land and more. Now, if you’re in the hunt for a specific neighborhood and price range, that search tool is available too!

Check out the Communities

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