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Mortgage Check Ups


Hey, it's morning again and it is actually Monday morning.  Shane here from Century 21 and I'm here with Barb at BankStar right here in Brookings and it is the Monday morning mortgage tip. Barb's got some great information to get you started for the new year but before we start with that, just remember if you have any questions for Barb or myself, please email us, instant message us, whatever it takes to get that question over to ya and we would be happy to answer it right here on the next episode. We'll have all Barb's information. Again, on the top, on the bottom, on the sides, wherever your device allows you to see that, feel free to reach out to her and ask any questions. So, with that being said, Barb, take it away.

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Whether your New Year's Resolutions focus on achieving better health, reaching career milestones, or strengthening relationships, they would undoubtedly be easier to accomplish if only you had more time. In a digital world of constant distractions and information overload, most people feel that the days slip away and they are left wondering why they were unable to accomplish more. Embark on the new year with a commitment to optimizing your time in order to fulfill your goals and create a better sense of balance in your life. Here are a few tips:


       1.  Plan your day the night before, making note of the most important tasks and estimating how long each item will take. Schedule time for inevitable interruptions. By creating a roadmap

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Home Improvements to Increase Value


Hey, good morning everybody, it's Monday morning, it's a short week, Thanksgiving. Caught Andrew here on his first day of the three days I think you got this week here. But at least it's not on an actual holiday for you this time so it's a holiday week. Shane from Century 21 and Andrew from Dacotah Bank. We're here for our Monday morning mortgage tip, 8:15, That means we're going to give you a fabulous mortgage tip that you can take with you if you are looking to buy or sell in the future here. With that being said Andrew, take her away.

- Thanks Shane for having me. With it being Thanksgiving week, first off Happy Thanksgiving everybody out there. Start of the holiday season, I kind of thought today

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Your On-Line Resource for All of the Best Brooking Real Estate

In today’s real estate market, homes are sold almost as soon as they’re put on the market. Do you ever feel like you keep missing great opportunities? Well, here’s some tips and hints to stay up to date on the listings you’re interested in!

First of all, check out my website:

You’ll notice you can look in Brookings, Aurora, Arlington, Volga, Estelline and more surrounding areas. You can read more about the listings in each city: Total listings available, listing price brackets, images, developing lots and land and more. Now, if you’re in the hunt for a specific neighborhood and price range, that search tool is available too!

Check out the Communities

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Reducing Your Loan Length - Extra Principal Payments


All right. Good morning, everybody. Shane here from Century 21. Don't adjust your channel! Got a new guy here. Thank you for joining our rotation. I got Mark Waterman from Great Western. He has graciously been, wanting to, or how should I say it, has asked to join our rotation and I appreciate it, it's always great to get another new, a new voice in our, in our group here so thanks, Mark, for joining us.

Yeah, appreciate it.

It is 8:15 and that means it's #18, of our Monday morning mortgage tip. And like I said, Mark Waterman from Great Western. I'll have all of his information either on the side, up above, down below, wherever you see it on that device of yours that you're looking

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Alright, since you have a new home now, it’s YOUR turn to host Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest family holiday gatherings of the year- aside from Christmas (which is right around the corner too). But, for now, let’s talk turkey.

First, make a plan.

Start simple. How many people are coming? Or, maybe ask it this way: How many people SAY they’re coming, and how many will SHOW UP? Always plan for the unexpected. One thing that’s always a factor in good ‘ol Brookings South Dakota- the weather. It’s probably best to plan for overnight guests just in case too.

If you’re going to end up with quite a few guests, a buffet-style dinner is probably the best idea. That way, they take what they want and they can dish up their children. On

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 Credit Scores and Home Buying



Hey everybody, Shane here from Century 21. And it is Monday morning, 8:15 on the nose. I got Danny here from--

- -Danielle. I'm used to calling you Danny.

- You can call me Danny.

- Danielle from Dakota Land Credit Union here this morning. So, as always, I'll have information about her up top, on the bottom, on the sides, wherever it is showed on your device. Is that even a word, showed?

- -on your device here. So, feel free to reach out to her. If you have questions, guys, as always be sure to email me, email Danielle, or anybody here in this group, and we'd be happy to answer that question on our next episode. So, with that being said, Danny I'll let you take over.

- Good morning, happy

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First Time Home Buyers Program 

Hey, good morning everybody, Shane here again  from Century 21 and it is a little after 8:15 but with some technical difficulties we are back and going here again, so Monday morning.

Monday morning mortgage tip and this morning as you can see I'm here with Justin from Fairway Independent Mortgage so we'll let him chat a little bit about today's tip and just remember guys if you have any questions for us, any information you'd like to hear about please comment in the comments, get ahold of Justin or myself and we would be happy to answer them right here on our next episode. So Justin I'll let you take it away. -

Thank you Shane and before I get into the topic today I just real quickly wanted to congratulate

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Finding a home is hard enough. So, how do you find a great realtor in Brookings South Dakota? Someone that will help you throughout the whole process?

No pretenders, please.

Did you know people are exposed to thousands of advertising pieces every day? How is someone supposed to differentiate a good realtor out of all that? Well, they need to be someone who truly cares. Sure, some have lots of marketing funds to get their name everywhere, but it’s the small things that count. Are they involved in the community? Do they truly care about my wants and needs? And most importantly, have other people I trust have a good experience with that realtor? Testimonials are everything.  Click here to view my testimonials.

Find a teacher, not a salesman.

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Best Ways To Speed Up The Sale Of Your Home


Whether your home has been on the market for six days or six months in Brookings South Dakota, the wait for an acceptable offer can seem interminable. But as time passes without a buyer, the likelihood that there is a flaw in your home or marketing strategy increases.

As a seller, ensuring that your home is maintained in sound condition is one of the most important steps you can take to expedite the sales process. However, if you have made all the necessary repairs and a "for sale" sign is still gracing your property after an inordinate amount of time, you are probably beginning to suspect that something is amiss. Here are a few possible reasons why your home has not yet sold:


1.  The

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