Realtor Hunting: How To Know When A Realtor is Trustworthy

Posted by Shane Andersen on Friday, November 3rd, 2017 at 11:01am.


Finding a home is hard enough. So, how do you find a great realtor in Brookings South Dakota? Someone that will help you throughout the whole process?

No pretenders, please.

Did you know people are exposed to thousands of advertising pieces every day? How is someone supposed to differentiate a good realtor out of all that? Well, they need to be someone who truly cares. Sure, some have lots of marketing funds to get their name everywhere, but it’s the small things that count. Are they involved in the community? Do they truly care about my wants and needs? And most importantly, have other people I trust have a good experience with that realtor? Testimonials are everything.  Click here to view my testimonials.

Find a teacher, not a salesman.

When looking or for a new home, or thinking about selling, you need someone that’s knowledgeable with all of the ins and outs of real estate. Sure, some realtors will do anything for your business. Well, there’s a difference between wanting your business and keeping your business. Trust is not for sale; it’s earned.

Go ahead, snoop around!

Hey, this is a serious decision! You want the best, so now, you need to find the best. Hop online and search your options. Go to the real estate agent’s website and check it out. What’s their buying and selling activity? Are they responsive? Are there success stories or testimonials?

People buy from people they trust.

When we have friends or family in certain businesses, we want to throw them a bone from time to time. But let’s be real here; this is a house, not a purse. Go with someone you trust, and has the back-up to prove it. Choose a realtor that listens to your wants and needs, and not just trying to make a sale. Choose a realtor that knows the area, and know you and your family. Choose…wisely.


Are you and your family new to the area or thinking of moving here? Brookings, Volga, Aurora, and other surrounding areas in South Dakota are perfect places to consider making your permanent residence. Not to mention, when you come home at the end of the day, you’re coming home to your home.

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