OPEN HOUSE: Dos and Don’ts

Your home is on the market. Time for Open Houses. What’s next?  The Brookings Real Estate Market is strong, but you still want to have a great Open House. 

Staging is everything. This is your chance to show the prospective buyers how you’ve made it a great home, and get them thinking the same idea for their family. Here are some Home Staging Secrets:

Use Color Creativity

Colors bring out emotions; make the buyers “feel” they need this house.

Conquer Clutter

If you haven’t already, throw out the old. Chances are, they’re going to get tossed in your move anyway.

Less is More

They’re can be such a thing as “too much furniture.” It’s amazing what a little rearranging can do in the core places in your home. Space is good.

Float Furniture

Pull out the furniture from the walls, and create some room to help the flow of the room.

Mix it Up

Some subtle and small changes to a room can really make a big difference! It’ll open up possibilities that the buyers can imagine, in their own way.

Repurpose Unused Rooms

I think everyone is guilty of having that “junk room.” You know, a room with a little bit of everything in no particular order for no reason. Well, consider making that room a fun craft room!

Let Light In

Let there be light! Letting the natural light from outside creates space, and makes the room feel bigger. Bigger means possibilities.

Rearrange Your Art

Sure, you spent so much time making your home décor make sense. And it does…to you. But to really give it a new and innovative look, rearrange it so it’s no so perfect. The room will tell a whole new story to others.

Paint it Black

If you need more of a dramatic look, consider freshening up your furniture with a fresh coat of black paint.

Accessorize with Threes

In this case, threes not a crowd! If you rearrange and/or group your home décor in threes, it’s more appealing.

Bring the Outdoors In

Take a walk outside, and bring some of your natural greenery inside for a fresh, new look.

Make an Entrance

Make sure your visitors feel welcome the moment the enter the home. They’ll want to feel the same way when they have their guests.

Got questions? I’m here to help! Visit BrookingsHousesForSale for more details!

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