With winter approaching, cold and flu season is in full swing in most places. The chaos of the upcoming holiday season—combined with the stress of selling your home and planning a move—can erode your immune system and leave you vulnerable to illness. However, infection may be preventable with early, aggressive action. In addition to the standard advice like getting plenty of sleep and washing your hands frequently, here are a few overlooked strategies for staying healthy this season:

    • Drink hot tea with honey and a squeeze of lemon juice. Inhaling the steam from hot tea will help the cilia—or hair follicles—in your nose rid the body of germs. Meanwhile, lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C and is believed to decrease the severity of colds and flus, while honey boosts the immune system with its antibacterial properties. Green and black tea are packed with nutrients and may be substituted for your daily cup of coffee, as they both contain caffeine.


    • Keep disinfectant wipes handy. Objects that you come into contact with on a daily basis—including your phone, doorknobs, shopping carts at the grocery store, and equipment at the gym—are crawling with bacteria. Considering that rhinoviruses, or the infectious agents that cause the common cold, can survive on surfaces for up to 48 hours, swiping these items with an antibacterial cloth may help shield you from infection.


    • Get a massage. Regular massages may seem self-indulgent, but they actually offer numerous health benefits. By increasing circulation, massage boosts your immune system. It also promotes stress relief, which enables your body to fight illness more effectively. If you visit a spa that has a sauna or steam room, a brief session in either may help your body stave off infection.

    • Get moving. Moderate exercise has been linked to higher energy levels, less stress, and changes in the white blood cells that may support your body in its battle against infection.  Exercise is also believed to help rid the lungs and airways of bacteria.


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