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This morning I sat down with Andrew Jallo from Dacotah Bank and discussed the importance of doing your research before securing a mortgage. You can reach Andrew at 605.692.8600 or Andrew.Jallo@dacotahbank.com.  His office is located at 1441 6th St., Brookings SD 57006 or on the web at www.dacotahbank.com.


Shopping Around for a Mortgage

- Good morning and happy post-Fourth of July weekend. Shane here with the Brookings Home Team, powered by Century 21. And of course, this friendly face here is Andrew from Dacotah Bank. Luckily it's not the holiday, that we're doing, but it is the weekend after a holiday,

- After, yes.

- You always seem to get the holiday pieces there, but.

- Yep.

- Today is Monday Morning Mortgage Tip, as normal it's 8:15. As you're jumping on here guys please let us know, give us a heart, give us a thumbs up, let us know that you're watching. And then of course feel free to share or tag this video with anybody else that you think would be interested in it. But let's just jump in, and see what Andrew has for us today for our Monday Morning Tip.

- Yeah so thanks for having me Shane. So right now a lot of news articles that are coming up on my phone, email, is about Millennials and what they wish they would have known prior to buying a house. And even regardless if you're not a Millennial, just doing your research. So the number one thing is shopping around for a mortgage. So are you going just to one lender and that's who you're using, or are you comparing? So all of us lenders have different programs that we have available. The number one complaint that a lot of Millennials said is I wish I would have done my research. Because there was another loan program that would have been a better fit for me. So maybe less of a down payment, a better interest rate. The other thing is just they wish they would have known their budget a little bit better. One of the resources that we have available that a lot of times is not used efficiently is that Home Buyer Education course. So that is required for first time home buyers.

- Okay.

- For South Dakota Housing.

- I always forget about that.

- However, it's available for everyone, free resource available. So what I would say is if you're thinking about it, maybe it's still another few months now the road. Take that class. It's going to give you the resources that you need to make an educated decision. So that way you don't have that buyer's remorse. Because as a lender, we don't like to hear those stories. We wanna make sure that we're educating you and putting you in that right program.

- Perfect, yeah. So some good information. I've had I think some blogs on some Millennial stuff there too as well, so if you have anymore questions for Andrew, feel free to reach out to him. As normal, his information will be on the top, on the bottom, on the sides, wherever your device allows you to see that. So feel free to reach out to him and get any of those answers to your questions. And if you'd like something answered on our next episode, please let us know right here, drop us a note. Email us, whatever it takes to get your question to us, we'll be happy to answer that for you there too, so. All right, thank you.

- Yes, thank you.

- So that is the post-Fourth of July Monday Morning Mortgage Tip. I hope everybody had a great weekend and you're getting back into the swing of things, I know it's tough. It was kind of a nice weekend, off and on there, but. And hopefully you have all your toes and fingers as well, but. Let us know if we can help you out guys, we're ready to go to work for you, either one of us, give us a call. Thanks for watching, and we'll be back next Monday for our next Monday Morning Mortgage Tip. Have a great week, we'll see ya.




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