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This morning I sat down with Justin Froiland from Fairway Mortgage. Listen as Justin explains the importance of researching credit repair companies prior to working with someone to build up your credit.  You can reach Justin at 605.695.1429 or justin.froiland@fairwaymc.com.  His office is located at 412 5th St., Brookings SD 57006 or on the web at www.BrookingsMortgage.com 



 Researching "Credit Repair" Companies


- Good morning everybody, Shane here from the Brookings Home Team powered by Century 21. Apologize, we are a couple minutes behind here, but we're ready to roll. It's a little bit after 8:15, but it is today's Monday Morning Mortgage Tip with Justin Froiland from Fairway Mortgage and we'll just jump right into it today. What kind of tip do you have for our group here this morning?

- Well thank for having me, Shane, today. I want to spend a little bit of time talking about credit repair and credit improvement companies out there that exist. I've had a couple situations arise lately where we pulled credit and it wasn't quite to the point where we needed it to be at and so we started looking at some alternative options on companies to work with for that and there's a lot of companies out there that call themselves credit repair or credit improvement companies and some good some bad I came across. One particular, I won't mention any names, but one particular company that I think was charging quite a bit high of a price for the services that they were offering. So I guess the gist of it is, when you're if you find yourself in that situation make sure you are doing your due diligence to really vet the companies that you're looking into, do you're research into 'em, read the reviews that other people have written on them, and make sure that you're working with a good company when it gets to that point. And unfortunately at Fairway here I used to have to refer my business out, you probably remember Shane, when that was the case when I had to refer my business out to a third party company to be able to work with my clients to get their credit back to a point they needed 'em to be. Well about six months ago Fairway started up a credit tool department within our company and essentially what they do is they offer those credit improvement services for no cost to the client so it's a free service, they never have to leave the company, and it really works, like I think you and I worked on with it a couple times already and so it can be a very very lucrative deal, but there are a lot of companies out there, again some good some bad, just make sure that you're doing your due diligence if you find yourself in that situation.

- Okay, perfect, so some great information. With that, if you feel that your credit score needs some help or you are looking for some help come and talk with Justin there and he'll put you in touch with the right people and get you on that straight track to home ownership...

- Definitely and get you qualified for a mortgage there. It is a slick process, I think I probably referred one or two people to you there got em in the program so. Works real great, so give him a call. As normal, information for Justin is up top, on the bottom, and on the sides. Wherever that device allows you to see it. And as always feel free to tag and share any body else you think would benefit from this video, we always appreciate that, and if you have questions that you want answered on our next episode, let us know. Give us a call, email us, message us to here in this comment section or whatever it takes to get to notify us and we'll be happy to answer that next to so there you have it. That's this mornings Monday Morning Mortgage Tip. Thanks for everybody for the Home Show, thanks for you are the Home Show Committee, perks in the work in part of that.

- Yeah, part of that, a small part of that, yup so.

- So good despite the weather and some Summit League championship games and stuff I think it was a pretty good turn out there. I know Sunday was quite busy, so. Thanks to all you that came out and visited with us too.

- Brave the weather.

- Appreciate that.

- Yeah, definitely. So hope you had a good time with that as well. Thanks again for watching guys. We'll be back next Monday, Monday Morning Mortgage Tip. We'll see you then.

- Thanks guys.


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