Best Ways To Speed Up The Sale Of Your Home


Whether your home has been on the market for six days or six months in Brookings South Dakota, the wait for an acceptable offer can seem interminable. But as time passes without a buyer, the likelihood that there is a flaw in your home or marketing strategy increases.

As a seller, ensuring that your home is maintained in sound condition is one of the most important steps you can take to expedite the sales process. However, if you have made all the necessary repairs and a "for sale" sign is still gracing your property after an inordinate amount of time, you are probably beginning to suspect that something is amiss. Here are a few possible reasons why your home has not yet sold:


1.  The listing photos do not cast your home in its best light. In today's digital age, listing photos are typically the first impression that buyers have of your property. Many buyers skip touring a home if it looks unappealing in pictures. Therefore, hiring a professional photographer is a must. Although your initial photo shoot may take place before your home is officially on the market, you should prepare for it as you would for an open house, making sure that it is clean and free of clutter. If your home does not seem to be generating much interest, consider changing some of the photos.


2.  The price is too high. An overly ambitious listing price is one of the most common reasons for a property to linger on the market — and one of the hardest for sellers to accept. Many people have strong emotional attachments to their homes, which may cloud their ability to think objectively about value. Although circumstances vary depending upon the real estate market in your area, it may be time to reconsider pricing strategy if your home has not sold after a month.


3.  You need professional help. While it can be difficult to spot the imperfections in your own home, remember that prospective buyers will take a critical approach. As a result, damaging details like spots on the carpet, streaky windows, or unflattering decor are not likely to elude buyers. Hiring cleaners, stagers, and other professionals are worthwhile investments, as they view your home through an objective lens and help boost its appeal to buyers.


4.  You are not showing your home enough. Having your home on the market is a significant disruption to your personal life. Buyers often request a showing on short notice or at inconvenient times, and the process understandably feels like an invasion of privacy. In order to minimize the length of this hectic period, however, it is important to agree to as many showings as possible. Many buyers are visiting from out of town on "house-hunting" trips and if they are barred from seeing your home, they may end up purchasing another property.


5.  Your home has an unpleasant aroma. Every home has a unique scent to which its inhabitants become accustomed. Unfortunately, this may make it difficult for sellers to identify odors that are repelling buyers. This could be particularly true if you have pets, clutter, or a penchant for cooking strongly scented foods. Before showings, circulate the air in your home and deodorize with light scents, such as freshly cut flowers, as opposed to cloying air fresheners that could irritate visitors.

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