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This morning I sat down with Emmy Lebert from Dakotaland FCU. Today, Emmy talked what a buyer can order through the bank/title companies and what they can't.  You can reach Emmy at 605.697.5922 or emmyl@dakotalandfcu.com  Her office is located at 2423 6th St., Brookings SD 57006 or on the web at www.DakotalandFCU.com

What Can You Order As a Buyer AND What Can't You Order?

- Alright, hey good mornin' everybody. Monday mornin', 8:15. Shane here, with the Brookings Home Team, powered by Century 21, and we're crossin' our fingers that we don't have any technical difficulties today. Let's see how that goes. Like I said, it's 8:15, Monday morning, I got Emmy here from Dakotaland Credit Union and she is going to talk to us today about a Monday Morning Mortgage Tip. So thank you, and have at it.

- Yes, thanks for having me. Today, our Monday Morning Mortgage Tip is going to be about services that you can shop for when you get a home loan. So when you get that purchase agreement, get it filled out, get it accepted, give it to your lender, some of the items that you can shop for are, title work, you can shop for, oh my gosh.

- It's Monday.

- Title lender's policy, and then your search and exam. That includes the lender's policy. It covers the lender if something were to arise in the title later on. And then the search and exam would be who you plan to have go and look at you and the seller, make sure there's no judgements or anything against either one of you. They search the property to make sure that there's no judgements attached to the property. They look at encroachments and other things like that. Another thing that you can shop for is who does your survey. So you can always, if you know someone that works at Banner or Foresight or any of these other companies, CDI. You can definitely use any of these people as well. The items that you are not allowed to shop for per lender are your credit reports. Normally that is just whoever the lender has, whoever they have a third party with. And then the other thing is your flood certification. Everybody is required to have a flood certification, per their lender and for regulation, in their file, and we have to pull it on every single loan, every single one, even if you're not in a flood zone or anything like that. So those are the items that you can and can't shop for. Also, make sure to start shopping right away for your homeowners insurance. Get different quotes from everybody, and then we also have Dakotaland Community insurance here, if you're looking, but get your different quotes, compare policies and everything like that, and that is one other item that you are allowed to shop for as well.

- Great, yeah, some great information, and as the Brookings Home Team we try to keep you up to speed as we go through that process as far as the title work and like you said, the insurance, homeowners insurance, wanted to look for that stuff, so great stuff. Thanks, Emmy. Appreciate it. So there you have it. If you have any questions for Emmy, or even Danny here at Dakotaland, I'll have more importantly Emmy's information, on the top, on the bottom, on the sides. Wherever your device allows you to see that. Feel free to reach out to her, ask her any questions. If you guys have a question for myself or Emmy or anybody, please let us know. Comment below, direct messages, email us, whatever it takes, and we'd be happy to mention that on our next episode, and of course, feel free to share this video with anybody else that you think would benefit from it. We'd very much appreciate that or even tag 'em in it. Alright, thank you again, appreciate it. You guys have a great week. Next week's the Fourth of July, so we'll still have Monday Morning Mortgage Tip on Monday, so keep watchin' and have a great week, guys and we'll talk to you later.

- Happy Monday.

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