#38 Monday Morning Mortgage Tip:Stacy Himley:Guaranteed Rate

Posted by Shane Andersen on Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 at 8:18am.

Every Monday Morning at 8:15am, join me on my Facebook page as I sit down with a local lender, and do a live interview and talk about a Mortgage Tip that may help YOU with your next Real Estate Purchase. 

This morning I sat down with Stacy Himley from Guaranteed Rate. I am excited that Stacy has joined our rotation and talk about her new mortgage company in Brookings.  Today she talked a little bit about Guaranteed Rate and how you can Lock your rate without having a property picked out yet.  You can reach Stacy at 605.605.690.2305 or Stacy.Himley@rate.com  Her office is located at 101 S. Reid St. Suite 307, Sioux Falls SD or on the web at www.Rate.com/StacyHimley 


 Guaranteed Rate & "Lock & Roll"-is it for YOU?



- Alright!

- With that being said, I'll let Stacy take it over and there ya have it.

- Alright, very good. I told Shane I wasn't that prepared. I like to just ramble. So, we'll keep on track though, how's that? He introduced me. I'm Stacy Himley. I have been in the mortgage lending industry for about, I think I'm starting my 23rd year which ages us a little bit but, hey. Been through a lot of changes throughout the industry, throughout the years. Just really excited for a new opportunity in Brookings with Guaranteed Rate and we're a correspondent lender. Sell direct to Fannie, Freddie, Jenny, do all types of loans that every other place would, I guess. So, couple things I wanted to touch on today. First, we have a digital mortgage. It's a little different than a typical online application that you may have seen or heard of before. The difference is, when you do your application, it'll take you anywhere from eight to 12 minutes. Depends on how quick you type or how quickly you answer the questions. So, it's intuitive, so it asks you certain questions along the way. Depending on how you answer, it will depend on what questions it asks next. So, the difference is it takes you all the way from you answered your questions. It actually pulls credit and it will get you all the way through to a pre-approval letter. So, if they're shopping on the weekends, haven't gone to a lender yet and are really excited to make an offer, they don't have to wait to make an appointment next week or if it's an evening or weekend. They can actually save their pre-approval letter and they show it to you, their agent, or save it and issue it when they're ready to write an offer. So that's what's a little different is it goes all the way from actually putting your application in, goes all the way to the pre-approval letter. So, I'm notified as soon as they start it. I'm notified as soon as it has decisioned. Some of them, if they're doing a special product or maybe if they didn't fill something in quite right, I may have to tweak a thing or two but yeah. So that's exciting that they could do that at their fingertips. It's when it's convenient for them. That's what people are into convenience nowadays, so that's really exciting and I love to share that. The other thing that I wanted to touch on real quick is a program that we have that's called Lock and Roll. So, the biggest things nowadays seems to be what are rates gonna do? It affects my purchasing power. How quick am I gonna find a rate? Or excuse me, find a rate, they'll have their rate. How quickly they're gonna find a house. Typically you can't lock until you have a property address. We do allow for them to lock in their interest rate now while they're shopping. So that will alleviate some of that anxiety along the way as far as what if it changes or they just know. So that's exciting. Little different, something different I haven't had in the past, so that's exciting.

- I like the name lock and roll.

- That's right and then, you get em rolling, right?

- Yes we do.

- Go find them a house!

- Get a roll on it so, alright, there you have it, that's this morning's Monday morning mortgage tip. Thank you Stacy for joining us.

- Yes, thank you for having me.

- Appreciate it and we'll get ya in the rotation. I'll have all of our information on the top, on the bottom, on the sides of wherever your device will allow you to see it, so be on the lookout for that. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions that you have. She'll be ready to answer those for you here. So, Guaranteed Rate, Stacy Himley. Next week, we are taking a break. I won't be in the office all week next week. So, we will not be on next week but we'll start back again the week after. But hope everybody has a great week. Supposed to be a beautiful day and hopefully it'll--

- Sun is out.

- It is out and spring is here, I think. So, that's good news.

- Exciting.

- Thanks everybody for watching. We'll be in touch in two weeks. Have a great one, see ya.



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