- All right, here we are, episode number two, two, twenty two. Here with Mark Waterman from Great Western Bank. I think this is the second time.

- Yes, sir, yep.

- Second one here.

- You bet.

- And we'll leave it on a great note here. This will be the last one for 2017. But due to popular demand, we'll continue it into 2018 here. So, we'll keep you informed on that. But, this morning it's 8:15, means that's our Monday morning mortgage tip, like I said, with Mark Waterman here from Great Western Bank. And we'll let him give today's Monday tip away. And then a few information tips, sort of details, after he speaks here. So, take it away, Mark.

- Thank you very much, Shane. Appreciate it. It's good to be back. My Monday morning mortgage tip.

- It's tough.

- It is. There's three factors that I wanted to touch on. One was on the personal side of things and how your credit score can positively or negatively impact your ability to get financing. Generally, the higher your credit score, the better your interest rate will be with that certain product. So, there's other requirements that come into play, but we can discuss that more in detail as you go through the process. The two other things would be a monthly payment goal. If you come into it, kind have an idea as to what you can afford, not only principle and interest, but also taxes and insurance. You know, some people forget that those are part of the mortgage process.

- Adds to your payment there.

- Absolutely. So, I just need to keep those in mind. But you can take a look at a 15 or 30 year options, certainly something that here at the bank we would help you through that process. And then tying into that would be the down payment. The down payment that you put down, whether it's the minimum amount that you have to, or whatever amount that you would like to, that's going to influence part of that monthly payment goal as well. So, taking these three factors into consideration can effect that, you know, your monthly payment and how much of a loan you're going to be looking at buying. So, at the end of the day, you know, obviously, if you still have questions, that's what Shane and I are here for. And I can run a bunch of different scenarios that you would have as well, to give you different options for that monthly payment.

- Perfect, yeah. Some great information, like you said. The credit scores, we touched a little bit on that once other time too, but it's always good to remind you. Credit scores are very, very important. What can you budget? Your credit score determine sometimes what your interest rate will be. And that, of course, ultimately effects your down payment or your monthly payment.

- Your monthly payment, exactly, correct.

- So, great stuff there. So, there you have it. I'll have Mark's information up on top, on the bottom, on the sides, wherever your device allows you to read that information. If you have any other questions for Mark, feel free to give him a call. As always, if you have questions in general, we'd be happy to answer that in next year's episodes here, starting in January. I want to thank everybody for watching these. I appreciate it. I appreciate Mark and everybody that has opted to join me on these. This is, I think, is some great information for people to be able to

 - Absolutely. Congrats on 2017, the mortgage tips, and you know, happy holidays to everybody out there.

- Exactly. It's the holiday season, so we'll let everybody spend their time with their friends and family, and we'll get back to it strong again in 2018. So, thanks again, everybody for watching. Happy holidays. Mark, thanks again. Any last minute words?

- No, appreciate it. - Perfect. Thanks everybody.

- Thank you.

- Have a great 2017, or 18 now.


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