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Hey, good morning everybody, it's Monday morning, it's a short week, Thanksgiving. Caught Andrew here on his first day of the three days I think you got this week here. But at least it's not on an actual holiday for you this time so it's a holiday week. Shane from Century 21 and Andrew from Dacotah Bank. We're here for our Monday morning mortgage tip, 8:15, That means we're going to give you a fabulous mortgage tip that you can take with you if you are looking to buy or sell in the future here. With that being said Andrew, take her away.

- Thanks Shane for having me. With it being Thanksgiving week, first off Happy Thanksgiving everybody out there. Start of the holiday season, I kind of thought today would be great to talk about, maybe you're having family over and you realize that your house, your just kind of outgrowing it, thinking "Hey, maybe I want to put it on the market", really, reach out to Shane. Shane you can do a market analysis, kind of see what they could get for their house, but also maybe there's some improvements that you can do over the winter months, whether it be cosmetic, new paint, new carpet, or maybe finishing that basement, finishing that downstairs bathroom. We here at Dacotah Bank, equal housing lender, have many different products available that would help you with that aspect of the home improvement to get it ready that hopefully once you're ready to put it on the market, you can get top dollar at that point.

- Perfect.

- So really, this time of year, people are kind of hesitant, maybe they don't want move with the snow flying, but they can do their homework ahead of time, maybe work on some projects interior to again, get your best bang for your buck in the upcoming Spring months.

- Perfect. I'm going to put you on the spot for a second, what is a 30 year mortgage rate right now?

- 30 year mortgage rate, I'm going to throw off the top of my head as of Friday it would have been 3.875% to 4% right now so it's still excellent rates there.

- Great rates so yep, good information, and of course if you need to get a hold of Andrew, I'll have his information on top, below, on the sides, again wherever your device shows it to you there. Reach out to him. If you have any questions for either of us, please email us, give us a call, instant message us on Facebook, whatever it takes, we'd be happy to answer that question right here on our next episode. Thanksgiving week, Happy Thanksgiving, don't forget Midwest Motocross the 24th and 25th lots of prizes and everything up for grabs, we've got some awesome riders coming in too. Just wanted a selfless plug there for that.

- Hope to see everybody there.

- You bet, you bet, should be a great weekend, Don't eat too much, if you do, have a good food coma. Thanks for watching, we'll be back next Monday guys, thank you.

- Thank you.

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