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This morning I sat down with Barb Adelaine from BankStar. Today, in light of Thanksgiving, Barb gave her list of reasons that home buyers should be thankful for shopping in the Brookings Area.  You can reach Barb at 605.696.8562 or barb.adelaine@bankstar.com.  Her office is located at 1301 6th St., Brookings SD 57006 or on the web at www.ebankstar.com 

Reasons to be Thankful: Home Shopping in the Brookings Area

- Good morning everybody, Shane here from the Brookings Home Team. Powered by Century 21, and of course, it's Monday morning at 8:15 and a familiar face right next to me is Barb Adelaine from Bank Star and unfortunately, maybe of of the last ones.

- One more, I think.

- One more, is there one more?

- Yeah

- Okay So, she's getting ready here to move on to some bigger and better things so, anyway we're going to get started here with our Monday morning mortgage tip. Before we do that, as always guys, if you have any questions let us know. All of Barb's information later on on this post will be up on the top, on the bottom, or on the sides wherever your device allows you to see that and please feel free to share and tag this video with anybody else you think would benefit from it as well. And let us know when you're coming on, give is a heart, give us a thumbs up. Anyway, with all that said, Barb, what's the tip for today?

- The tip for today is to remember to be thankful. This is our Thanksgiving week and we're kinda thinking about all the things that we're thankful for. Here in the bank, we're really thankful that rates have stayed down this year. We expected to be about a percent higher by now and in the whole United States that's not happening, so yay for us, rates are great and that's good for you when you're buying a house. Still plenty of houses to look at out there in the Brookings area. We've got housing that you can go check out. I would really recommend that you check in with a lender and do some pre-approvals. Most everyone does those for free so there's another thing you could be thankful for. A good lender will sit down with you for an hour, take a look at your credit report and see if everything's okay and let you know what price range is gonna work out for you so that you can meet with your realtor and go look at houses that you know you can afford. Saves a lot of heartache later so you don't look at mansion if you can only afford something less.

- We still are thankful for lots of programs at the banking level. We've got programs for people with low down payments, no down payments, first time home buyers, veterans and then here at the bank we do some loans that stay with us that are special. So special might mean farmers who need to finance the house that's on the farm and sometimes that's difficult to do with a lot of lending products. So, if maybe a young person is joining the family farming operation and they need a house for their family too, come on out and see us and we have some programs for that. And of course, you should also be very thankful for all the mortgage professionals you have at your fingertips here in the Brookings area. My daughter's buying in another state. It's not normal to have so many nice people to work with. So you've got great realtors, good bankers, you've got special title people and people who do you homeowners insurance. It's a difficult process, buying a house. It gets a little frustrating for all the paperwork and all of the rules, but when you're working with good people, we're like a big team. So we're thankful to have you, and we hope you'll be thankful to have us too.

- Love it, all right, perfect. Great information on this Thanksgiving week here. It's a short week, but we're still all working behind the scenes, so thanks Barb, for that.

- You're welcome.

- That's great stuff.

- And I hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much, what is it? Don't wobble 'til you? Or waddle 'til you wob-- I don't what it is, but, Anyway, don't eat too much and enjoy the leftovers afterwards. So Happy Thanksgiving, thanks for watching, we'll be back next Monday guys.

- Bye.

- See you later.

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