Maximize Your Home's Value Before You sell 

Advice for Increasing Your Home's Value Before the Sale

A lot of homeowners decide to sell their houses without any home improvements or the help of a real estate professional, and then they wonder why more buyers aren’t interested in their property. Here is where the Brookings Home Team can help. Our real estate experts have put together some important tips to help maximize your home’s value.

Find a Realtor® in Brookings, SD

Preparing for a home sale might not be as easy as you think. It can be challenging to manage all the dos and don’ts if you're a first-time seller. To ensure your home value is maximized, a Brookings REALTOR® can help you navigate the home-selling process. This means real estate market insights, correctly pricing your house, arranging a home inspection, and advice for staging your home.

Evaluate Your Property

Before you get excited and set the highest listing price, make sure that your house is worth the amount. Do your market research, list down the flaws of your house, and any home improvements required. You can also survey the local market to get an idea of the rates at which people are selling their homes. This way, you will understand your home's value and the price you should set.

Address Any Home Repairs

How about taking care of some home improvements and repairs before listing your home for sale in Brookings? Make sure that your house is worth visiting and potential homebuyers are able to see its value. While addressing issues regarding your HVAC, plumbing, appliances, etc. can be expensive, making these repairs will demonstrate that the house was well cared for. Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, refinish the floors, fix any leaking pipes, and tighten any door handles so your home makes a great first impression.

Keep a Well-Lit Home

Potential homebuyers appreciate a home that is well-lit with different lighting profiles, as it makes the space appear more welcoming. Update your light fixtures and add new lighting to your home improvements list to increase the value of your property. Lighting is an essential aspect of selling a house because many buyers will visit homes at night due to their work schedules. Keep this in mind, because a dark, poorly lit home isn't the first impression you want to make.

Consider Home Staging

Staging your home before people come over to see it is one of the most popular (and effective) ways to prepare for a house sale. Not only do staging professionals know the best layouts for each room, but they will also bring contemporary designs, engaging art, modern furniture, and décor ideas to your home. Additionally, try to remove your belongings and declutter your home, as this will help buyers picture themselves in your house.