Appliances are an important thing for your home. Major appliances shouldn't be an impulse buy when you see the sale sign pop up in the stores or online. Timing is everything when trying to get the best deals, and the best time to buy appliances is when the stores need you more than you need a new home appliance. That's when you can get more value for your money. 

So, when should you shop? Do your research and be prepared during the following times:

January - One of the best times of year to get a great deal is in January. This is when many manufacturers are rolling out new models to the marketplace. As long as you aren't always looking for the newest thing out there, you can take advantage of retailers that are eager to move last year's inventory our of their stores. Discounts on these appliances are more common at this time to help rotate the latest and greatest models onto the showroom floor. 

Last days of the month - The end of the month is when retailer are looking to meet their quotas and may be more desperate to sell products. Prices fall and prepared shoppers are there to take advantage. This leads to a true win-win situation. Retailers sell products and shoppers get what they're looking for at discounted prices. 

Thursday - This might sound a little weird, but Thursday is a great day for shopping. The day before a weekend rush. Aisles are less crowded and salespeople are more abundant. Time for shoppers to take advantage. 

Major holidays - If you haven't heard about Black Friday, you've been living under a rock! But it's not just Black Friday. It's Labor Day, Memorial Day, President's Day - any holiday where you have a day off from work. This is when stores are looking to take advantage of consumers not being at the office by slashing prices. 

Fall and winter - These season are the best to buy summer appliances such as grills and air conditioners. Few shoppers are thinking six months ahead to the warmer weather when snow is covering the ground. And the off-season prices are much more favorable.

With all of these tips, don't be afraid to try and haggle over prices in the store as well. While the sticker price or sale price is commonly the final price of the product, it never hurts to ask, "Is this the best price you can give me?" If it works at auto dealerships, why not try it in the stores? After all, it's free to ask. And the worst they can say is that they can't go any lower.

Now everyone should know what to do when the last day of the month falls on a Thursday in January. Hit the stores for a new appliance!


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