Christmas Tips for Hosting in Your New Home

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Or are you too stressed about having your first Christmas in your new Brookings home? Well, here are some helpful holiday hints…

Expecting guests? Expect the unexpected!

It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time; an even better idea to plan for planning ahead of time. You want your guests to feel welcome in your new home; not like intruders. So, make some time about the week before their arrival to have everything ready: spare bedrooms, closet space, extra towels in the bathrooms, etc. And, don’t feel bad if there are just too many guests that you recommend them staying at a hotel. Check out Brookings’ options here:

That way they can do their thing and feel like they’re not imposing, and you can keep your new home the way you want and invite them over when you’re ready.

No need to stress

We all know you’ll stress a little, but don’t let it take over! You should be somewhat aware of who gets along with who, who has children (and their ages), where to hide breakables (and maybe the alcohol if needed), topics to steer away from, and more. Another good idea is to have a schedule…and stick to it! Holiday demands can be somewhat expensive, so establish a budget. And don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring a dish to pass, or bring their own snacks, etc.


Do you do a family exchange every year? Maybe you’re ready to start one? It’s a very fun and non-competitive way for family fun. One person draws for another family member’s name. Then, decide on a budget and agree to it as a family. If you wish to go above and beyond for someone in your family, feel free to do so; only do it at a different time so as not to draw attention to yourself and make it a big deal. Don’t forget…homemade children’s gifts are great for grandparents!

Another idea is for your family to pick a charity to donate to or volunteer with. Again, stick with a dollar amount you all can agree on. Sometimes, volunteering your time is more valuable than monetary donations. Consider the Salvation Army, or the Brookings Regional Humane Society, or Project Joy just to name a few.

 Last, but not least

The holidays are full of the warm ‘n fuzzy stuff, and that’s ok. Give what you can, and spread the joy everyone!

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