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This morning I sat down with Mark Waterman from Great Western Bank. Listen in as Mark gives a few excellent tips on things you can do right now to help you prepare for buying or selling your home in 2020. You can reach him at 605.627.0602 or Mark.Waterman@GreatWesternBank.com  His office is located at 1302 6th St., Brookings SD 57006 or on the web at www.GreatWesternBank.com


 Tips for Buying or Selling in 2020


- All right good morning everybody. Shane here again from the from the Brookings Home Team powered by Century 21. It's cold out so my brain is a little frozen yet. We gotta get that thawed out. But thanks for joining us again this morning. Like I said it's 8:15 on the dot. I got this little handsome guy right next to me from Great Western and we're gonna talk about a mortgage tip. Before we do that, as you guys jump on here let's know. Give us a heart, give us a thumbs up and be sure to tag or share this video with anybody else you think would be interested in it as well. So I'm gonna stop talking 'cause I can't talk yet. Mark, just take it away, what have you got for us.

- Hey, appreciate it. So on the Monday Mortgage Tip, probably I think my last one for 2019 I guess. I wanted to maybe, plant those seeds for people that are interested in buying or selling in 2020 to I think do two major things. One consult a real estate agent. Give Shane or the Brookings Home Team a call. Let them give you pointers if you are planning to buy or sell in 2020. So that you can start making those changes. Whether it's painting a wall or replacing some flooring things of that nature. But then also give them an idea as to what you're looking for. But then also contact me and we can go over things. Not necessarily to get pre-approved at this point time or anything. But to just kinda lay the foundation of what are you looking at doing? Like, do you know where your credit's at? Do you know how many, you know, what you have for funds? What you plan on buying for a price range? Establishing some of those things. If you have judgements or collections get those paid. We can start playing those things out and it makes not only our life but it does make your life a lot easier as well. So that you're not rushing around taking care of some of these things when a house comes on the market in March and you wanna buy it and you haven't done these things to kinda prepare for it. So, I guess, my mortgage tip would be plan ahead, get those things in line and your future self will thank you for everything they've done through the Winter months. As opposed to waiting until March April, when you become serious buyer.

- You bet. And just to add to that too. Like you said if you get ready and it is March time guess what, there's more buyers out there as well. And then more likely you're gonna be competing for that same home. So it's always a good idea to have that pre-approval letter, pre-qualification letter,

- For sure.

- In hand when you make that offer. Because if there's two offers there and you don't have that pre-qualification letter and the other person does more than likely that seller's gonna lean towards that offer. Even if yours might be just a little bit higher. So, get in here and talk to this guy. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to him. As always, got his information on the top, on the bottom, on the sides. Wherever your device allows you to see that. So feel free to reach out to him there. And you can always reach out to myself or anybody on my team here and we'll put you in touch with him. So thanks for watching. Thanks for another great year Mark.

- Yeah, absolutely

- Appreciate it.

- No, thank you very much. And again, everything's kinda winding down, less homes on the market and less activity and people getting ready for the holidays and it's Winter time and everything. But I just feel that if you do some of those things, like I said, you'll probably thank yourself at a later date.

- You bet you bet. And a quick shout out to Mark here. Mark, thanks for jumping in I appreciate it. Hopefully the weather's a lot better where you're at than we are. So, thanks for listening. Anyway, thanks again guys for everything and we'll be back next week. I think one more for this year, Monday Morning Mortgage Tip. I think this is episode 109 or 110 something like that I lost count. But great stuff guys. Again, thanks for watching, we'll be back next Monday. Talk to you later.

- Goodbye.


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